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Dry Egress Training

Aviation Egress Systems offers "DRY EGRESS" Training ( ) as our on line ground school program.

Dry Egress offers 12 modules for Pilots and 9 Modules for Passengers which can be completed in approximately 3 hours at the comfort of any computer over a 14 day period from registration. In the AES DRY-Egress computer based learning our students view videos conducted by "Bry the Dunker Guy" and at the end of each segment there is a short multilple choice quiz to be completed before moving on to the next modual. Many subjects are covered from Pilot Briefing, PFDs & Life-rafts, Seat-Belts, basic Survival Skills, Prepare to Ditch just to mention a few titles.

This training gives students a comprehensive understanding of what to expect prior to attending our in pool training for the cost of $75.95 plus tax. Successful completion of the Dry Egress Training is a prerequisite for Wet Egress Training.

Aviation Egress Systems

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