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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the difference between WET & DRY Egress Learning?

       DRY Egress is our AES computer based ground school and is a prequisite to our WET Egress Training (approximately 3 hours to complete over a 14 day period)

       WET Egress is our AES practical in water Egress Training Session (half day session at a local pool facility)

Will I get wet?

Yes our AES practical WET Egress Training will take you through many different scenarios in a warm & safe aquatic environment.

Are your courses for fixed wing aircraft or helicopters, Pilots or Passenger?

All of the above. We tailor our classes to the participants needs. Keeping class size to approx 12 students per session in order to meet everyone's ability level.

Are the water simulations done locally?

At our Victoria aquatic facility as well Canada-wide from the far north to Quebec and many places in between, our simulators are portable and constantly on the move to a location near you.

Do I need a bathing suit? Footwear?

For realism we suggest wearing what ever you might normally wear when flying in aircraft including pool friendly footwear.

Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

Your ability and comfort level in water are dealt with on an individual basis. We are able to humble the boldest students and build confidence over time with people who are very uncomfortable in water. AES trains for success and will work with each students ability.

How often are courses offered?

AES offers Egress Training Canada wide and has travelled to 61 different locations. Based on registration we are excited to offer our training in any community.

Do you teach any other courses?

Yes!  Bryan has extensive flying experience, and offers one-on-one training on a variety of topics, including tail dragger transitions, and float flying techniques. For more information, check out the Additional Courses page on our site...

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