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Fixed Wing Egress

Have you ever given thought to what you would do if you found yourself strapped in upside down in a sinking aircraft? Imagine flying along on a nice warm day, the next moment, being trapped inside an aircraft with cold water rushing in. it’s very dark, you can’t breathe, and if you’re not prepared your chances of survival are reduced dramatically.

Very little emphasis is placed on the aircraft ditching and underwater egress training, yet every year people die in aircraft accidents that terminate in the water. You don’t have to fly over open bodies of water to be involved in a ditching. In fact the US Coast Guard says that in the average, there’s a ditching once a day in the continental USA. Most of these are precipitated by instances such as fuel shortage, persistent engine or cabin fire, engine failure, flight control problem, or pilot error to name a few.


Aviation Egress Systems

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