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Fixed Wing Training

In our AES Egress Training course, we will offer guidelines to help you prepare in the event you should ever find yourself faced with a ditching situation. We train for success, willing to challenge the boldest and guide the timid. We have trained cave divers as well as participants who are very uncomforatable in the water for various reasons including in-water accident suvivors (Real Life Egress Stories). At AES our theory is to progress through our class step by step, orientate each student to our simulators, moving on to PFDs & life-raft training continuing to disorientation, bouyancy, rescues and more. You will also learn about pilot briefings, seat-belt & shoulder harnesses, hypothermia, exits and more. We encourage our pilots who complete our AES Training Session to create a ditching checklist for their particular aircraft and passengers to make themsleves aware of each aircraft that they are travelling in helicopter or fixed-wing.

Our AES Instructors will teach students a sequence to assist in keeping their anxiety under control and direct them to exit our simulators with a plan such as

1 - 2 - 3 - 4  and Out the Door.

Training in a warm controlled enviroment, having a plan and understanding what a inverted water incident could look and feel like is proven to result in a more positive out come if the unforseen should happen.

Here at Aviation Egress Systems we have trained over 8,000 students with 24 documented aircraft incidents where 47 pilots and passengers survived due to their previous Egress Training.                                                                 

Egress Training Saves Lives!! 

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