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Helicopter / Rotary Craft Egress

As Aviators we continually train for the emergency we hope we will ever have to deal with.

Depending on the training budgets available every company or individual makes serious safety decisions.

Throughout my commercial aviation career I have been fortunate to not be involved in an incident or accident, however we continue to train for the day that might arise.

“When will it Happen to Me?” is a question everyone should ask.

Large commercial operators have a budget to provide extensive Underwater Egress Training programs.

Typically Commercial Helicopter operations can be unforgiving in remote areas areas which will test your abilities should a situation develop.

So what can you do to protect yourself with budgets in mind.

The folks at Aviation Egress Systems have the answer.

“Bryan the Dunker Guy” and his team of safety professionals travel across Canada providing underwater egress training at local aquatic centres that is extremely affordable and available to all pilots and passengers.

The online dry training completed prior to the wet training is very convenient for everyones busy schedules which cuts the Egress training program down to 5 hours and often close to our crews bases of operations.

Tony S.

Aviation Egress Systems

Victoria, BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 704-6401
Booking Hotline: (250) 704-6403

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