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Helicopter / Rotary Craft Egress Training

A good percentage of our AES Egress Training is with the Helicopter Industry Canada-wide. AES has equipment that is well suited for training light helicopter operations. We have had the opportunity to instruct corporate/bush operators, med-vac pilots, law enforcement and many others on-shore and off.

With our simulators we have the ability to roll our SWET Chair in any direction giving a true life example of what could happen in a rotatory incident.

AES offers a comprehensive Egress Training Package where both Pilots and Passengers are able to complete their ground school at any computer through our E-Learning site in approximately 3 hours over a 14 day period. This program gives our students a flexible in-dept DRY Egress experience before entering the WET Egress program.

In the AES WET Egress we train for success by taking each student through a progressive and comprehensive program to instill confidence and a good understanding of what disorientation could look and feel like both physically and psychologically.

Feel free to contact the “Dunker GUY” for further information including dates and locations where we actively offer our AES Egress Training program.

Aviation Egress Systems

Victoria, BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 704-6401
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