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We have some of the most realistic civilian submersible cockpit simulators you will ever find. We're continually developing and enhancing them and at present we're using three: a fully portable, free floating dunker chair (called the SWET chair for Shallow Water Egress Trainer) plus a replica Cessna 206/Bell 206 simulator with multiple doors and windows generic to any aircraft fixed-wing or helicopter.

We start you belted into the SWET chair, being flipped over and then practice opening doors and knocking out windows to exit the aircraft. This simulator is ideal for both pilots and passengers alike. Disorientation is a fact in a ditching scenario, our instructors will take each student to their comfort level of disorientation. In a real life situation up is down and down is up.......this sounds so simple on land but always an interesting learning curve when inverted in the water. The simpliest activity can become more complipcated simply by adding water. Come Dunk with us and we will show you the way to survive.

At AES we offer a larger simulator patterned after a Cessna 206/Bell 206 and is an excellent generic aircraft representation. It features multiple doors and windows and allows you to practise moving down a corridor before exiting. Under the careful eye of our instructors, our students have the availabilty to access many different scenerios such as a varity of exits, rescues, bouyancy and much more.

Aviation Egress Systems

Victoria, BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 704-6401
Booking Hotline: (250) 704-6403

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