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Bryan Webster

Bryan pioneered Aviation Egress Systems in the interest of aviation safety starting in 1998. A survivor on an incident in which the aircraft he was a passenger crashed into the Fraser River, Bryan understands the importance of underwater egress. A 12,000 hour pilot himself, Bryan founded and engineered the entire project. It is his passion to assist both passengers and pilots with knowledge to help them escape an underwater incident. As the main instructor of the AES program, he teaches both the classroom and water portions of the course, explaining and demonstrating why life vests, life rafts and many other theories are so important.

Bryan authored the book "Ditching Principles" A Survival Guide to Ditching and Aircraft, more information is available in the Store.


Cessna 150 ditched in Fraser River near Pitt Meadows Airport with Bryan as the passenger - Aug. 26, 1977



Aviation Egress Systems

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